Influencing Machines / Empty Forever Empty PWD7

by peacockwindowrecordings

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‘Empty Forever Empty’ is the debut collaboration between musicians Cody Drasser (Caulbearer) and Zachary Corsa (Lost Trail). The album features a multitude of key components that Cody and Zachary have both been known to work with; warped and multi-layered guitar, warbly field recordings and distorted shortwave radio all coming together to create an alluring and noisy haze of colorful, psychedelic sounds, tones and reverberations.

At its core, ‘Empty Forever Empty’ ruminates and expands on themes of unfolding carefree love and the ultimate unraveling of all human relationships no matter how strong the bond. Whether the relationship is severed due to rejection, misunderstanding, betrayal or life’s ultimate loss – death – an eternal and bittersweet space of emptiness awaits us all no matter how hard we wish to deny it.

The sensations of falling in love, the burdens of grief and the processes of mourning that all beings experience throughout their lifetime are ideas that are close to the heart of what this album is about; ‘Empty Forever Empty’ is a complete journey that explores a wide array of human emotions...Soaring heights of ecstasy…Ruinous pits of despair…Transformation and rebirth…Ancient cycles infinitely repeated.

Lose yourself in beautiful, kaleidoscope sonic bliss that expands out to the furthest, brightest star before sinking into alienating blackness of the most rock-bottom abyss.

Denial. Isolation. Pain. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.


released June 1, 2015



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