A Bleeding Star / The Darkest Nyxcrypt’d Collection Of My Latest Sickvision’d Constellation PWD6

by peacockwindowrecordings

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Peacock Window Recordings is pleased to present a gorgeously dark full-length album by A Bleeding Star titled “The Darkest Nyxcrypt’d Collection Of My Latest Sickvision’d Constellation.”

The strange and evocatively titled album is a continuation of the sounds pioneered on the short EP of ABS’s beautiful and hypnotic, dream-like static that was released by PWR in 2013. The new album plumbs similar depths while continuing to drill down ever deeper into less familiar sonic territory.

This newer material intentionally ventures into slightly noisier and unsettling spaces; with a heavier emphasis on the overt use of acoustic guitar and keyboard amidst the expected dissonance and distortion of glitchy electronics, ABS spirits you away into completely uncharted realms of remote melancholy and heart-numbing psychosis.

In this land of broken hearts and sleepless nights, jangling guitar chords are strummed while the baying winds of a dying Lovecraftian netherworld shriek and swarm madly around your shattered brain. Fragile melodies are piped into your subconscious from other dimensions, revealing themselves for a brief moment like false beacons of hope, only to be snuffed out before you’re sucked back into the maelstrom of gnarled and off-colored communications to the domain of night. A forsaken land of stuttering electronics, stilted reverberations and fractured euphony.

Pray for forgiveness and redemption, they will never be delivered. Hope was something never afforded to you. We were warned but didn’t listen. There is no turning back now. It is too late for you and I.

A Bleeding Star has crafted something entirely unique for the label and has eclipsed all of their previous efforts in terms of craftsmanship, competency and execution. An uncommon sound not often heard in the dominions of experimental ambient noise.


released May 5, 2015

Trancewritten {&} Darksoul Composed By: {A Bleeding Star}
Absynthian’ly Recorded During the Deafening Year of {MMXII}
Hauntingly Captured {&} Channel’d During the Year of {MMXII}

*Chapter II Contains Nyxstich'd Samples By: Sir. Jose Acuña of {EUS}

*Original Photography Created By: Lady Valeria Kabis (vkabis.com)

Concept Design {&} Digital Manipulation: Cody Drasser

P.S: I 'Vould Like to Bloody Thank Every Single Mortal Whom Has Support'd {ABS} with An Irrevocable Thank thee to... ;Sir. Cody D; ...of {Peacock Window Recordings}



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